dariusz.tv is a UK-based company which produces digital media for academia, education and art.

We specialize in interactive technologies, encompassing web tools, interactive photography, animations and data visualisations. Our emphasis is on delivering captivating and artistic experiences that promote meaningful interactions with audience.

Academic and educational projects

We collaborate with researchers, academic institutions and publishers to enhance teaching, research dissemination and academic engagement. Our goal is to facilitate knowledge transfer and create dynamic learning environments through interactive multimedia tools, visualisations, video articles, explainer videos and virtual learning experiences.

Our content simplifies complex scientific topics and educational subjects, making them easily understandable and visually compelling. We utilise concise storytelling and engaging animations to create accessible and enjoyable learning experiences.

We take great pride in our collaborations with respected clients and partners, which include: Said Business School, Oxford University Press, DTU: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, dr Malcolm Atkins, Kathryn Bishop CBE, professor Alastair Nicholson, dr Paola Esposito, Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust and others.

Art ventures and collaborations

Collaborating with artists, we combine technical expertise and artistic sensibilities to produce visually stunning and emotionally engaging videos and live performances. These mediums amplify artistic narratives and establish a profound connection between the audience and the artwork.

We are proud to have worked with collaborators such as: Chiara Mu, The Mechanical Animal Corporation, Ana Barbour, Stephen Mottram, MUE dance company and others.